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You should try our approach of combining RSS & Read-it-Later.

RSS Read-it-Later Style

We have been thinking about this for a long time. How to take RSS to the next level? What could we do to provide you with worthy content inside of Words? And this is with what we went along. RSS feeds that automatically fetch the whole article behind the short teaser and don't fill up your normal Inbox. As soon as you find an article worth keeping, just pull it into you folders or favorite it, and it will stay forever inside your library.

All-in-One inbox or every feed alone

A much requested feature was getting to browse every feed on its own. Now you can. Your All-in-One inbox is still available, but now you can just jump into every single feed if you please. Our concern while implementing this feature was to not overload the sidebar with to much attention craving information. We always wanted Words to feel light and easy, focussing on reading quality content. And we want to keep it that way.

We reworked our themes

In our neverending conquest to craft the best possible reading expierence on the desktop we experimented a lot with different approaches to display your articles, focussing mainly on typography & readability. And this is the result of this extensive testing. We reduced the available themes from four to three. But there will be more coming until the end of the Beta phase.

The NSA disapproves

Because we don't store anything of our data on our servers. We are not Google. It's all happening locally, on your computer. And that's how it should be. So don't even think about getting in touch with us, dear NSA. We have nothing you could build you backdoors into.

What others say?

Mac.Appstorm Review: A Brand New Take on Reading Later. For Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket for your Mac, Words 2 packs a unique interface & responsive text for a nice offline reading experience. 9/10 Points.

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Bugs? Improvements?

Just drop us an Issue on Github & we will take care of it. And thanks for taking the time help us make things better.
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