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Out of Words

Our responsive typographic framework that powers our article view

Interested in previewing our upcoming article views & themes? Or want to so see how a newspaper-like layout can work in HTML & CSS? If you just said "yes", then you should have a look at "Out of Words", our (upcoming) article framework:

It's up for grabs on Github, so go ahead & fork it, hack it & bend it to your needs. And if you find a bug or something we have missed, just drop us an Github Issue (or a mail or message is fine too).


This framework is built using LESS & is tested only in WebKit (due to our app being a Mac app, no other browser engines are necessary :)...).

Early stage

This whole framework is a rewrite of the existing one. At the moment I am still working on some of the basics, so don't expect everything to be perfect. In case you find a bug or have an idea or feature wish, let me know, fork & hack on.


Thanks to the awesome guys of Typeplate for their great "typographic starter kit", which I utilise in Out of Words.