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Words 2.1 + Words 3 Survey

Our latest update features sharing and context menus. Additionally, we need to pick your mind on Words and how you use it.

So, Words 2.1 has finally hit the Appstore. And we brought you some of the features you have been asking for. Most notably the built-in OSX sharing function. At the moment you can access them via the Article menu. Small teaser: In the next update it will be available via the taskbar, too. We already finished it now, but it didn't make into the last one.'

Say hello to the context menu inside our article list. Now you can access every article option via a context menu (on right clicking the article). This was a missing piece so far, so we set out to address this shortcoming.

You should try to double-click inside the article view. This makes the article view expand or shows the article list if it isn't visible yet.

Words 3 Survey

Lately, we have been sitting together to discuss some of the ideas we have for Words 3. But it turned out that we don't really know what you guys think about what is and what could be. And that is bad.

To change this, we decided to ask you. And your answers will definitely impact our the development of Words 3. So, please, give us a few minutes of your time and go through our questions.

Additionally, every participant will be rewarded a guaranteed slot in our first Beta of Words 3. And a big thank you from us!

Please participate in our Words Survey

Thank you for your time.

Your Words Developers