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Bugfix Release 2.1.1

Fixing broken text selection & some new adjustments to the article list

We fixed the annoying bug that made it impossible to select & copy text inside the article view. This should now work again as usual. Additionally we found a few small bugs in our Instapaper integration and fixed them, too.

As a first result from our Words survey, I decided to fine tune some visuals in our article listing. Quite a few users didn't like how the active & unread articles looked like & found it confusing. So I had a go at solving this problem. I hope you all like the way these two look now.

And thanks everybody who has participate in the survey. The results help us to adjust Words to your needs. But now go along & update your copy of Words. And let us know if everything works out the it should.

Or grab Words here: Words 2 via AppStore.

Your Words Developers.